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Ronald McDonald House Visit

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

All kids deserve to be happy, All families deserve to be together in good times and in times of struggle. Being together is what gets us through the tough times better. The Ronald McDonald House has a castle built out of lego in their family room. When I saw this castle it instantly made me feel safe and welcome. Castles mean dreams, happiness, princes, princesses and happily ever after. After our tour of the home it came to me thats exactly what this home is. Staff at the home and volunteers are the support network for the king and queen. King and Queen being the mom's and dads, grandma's and grandpa's. The prince's and princess's are the children of the home. The support network is amazing in what they do and we were honoured to be a small integral part.

We arrived at the home with our Chase The Cure team in tow and were met by the McIntosh Motorsports team and amazing characters from Positively Princess'd. Bell, Moana, Elsa & Anna, Spider Gwen, Spiderman and Superwoman joined us to play with the kids and give them a memory they will never forget.

Chase The Cure YEG was given items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House by so many wonderful volunteers and companies. We took a full to every corner stow and go mini van full of items to the house. Colouring books, games, crayons, baking supplies, hygiene supplies and much more.

McIntosh Motorsports brought their mini cup to display and for the kids to get in and out of. The kids loved it with thumbs up and great big smiles.

Matt from the Ronald McDonald House helped McIntosh Motosports unload the car through the doors of the house and opened the doors to the kids to come have an amazing time.

In came the kids, WOW the smiles were amazing! Imagine for a moment being 5 and 6 years old and coming around to see Disney Princess's and Marvel characters and race cars all in the house you are living in!

The characters hula hooped, the drivers hoola hooped, everyone coloured and most of all everyone had a great day!

After our visits Matt took us for a tour of the home. It was heart warming to see all of the love put into this home. The motto of the home is self care. When you are caring for a loved one self care isn't always the first thing on your mind. You don't think of cutting your hair, reading a book, doing laundry and most of just taking a time out to relax and recharge. The staff at the home have thought of it all.

There is a sitting room set up just like a living room at home where you can go and relax with your family for game night, read a book and for those that play guitar just strum a tune to have some self care time. This room also has a little alcove in it with a chair and lantern. While this home does its best to be the happy castle for everyone there is a sad side to what happens here. Sometimes families will loose a loved one, when this happens this lantern is lit for this the little one who passed away.

On the 2nd floor there is a room that is called the Magic room, here is where the kids get to go on special days like birthdays and milestone days in their healing process. Milestone days can be anything, they can be that celebration of great news, that dreaded needle that they stayed strong for and going home days.

Families when they arrive also get a welcome bag with necessities in it, toiletries, coupons for places around the area, information about the home and much more. There is also a special room in the basement. The quilt room. Each family when they arrive are able to pick a quilt that is made from love. These come in all sizes and are handmade by volunteers and are there to help families feel a little home while away from home.

This is a very special home and will always have a special place in our hearts. This home wouldn't be what it is without the people who operate it. They are the heart of the home. Watch for more exciting things we plan on doing with the families and staff of the Ronald McDonald House.

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