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In 2014 the McIntosh Motorsports team took part in an event to raise funds for Cancer research for the first time. This event was a highlight for the team each year and they made sure they attended. The importance in this event was special to each member of the team. Each member has been affected in one way or another either by knowing someone who has passed or fought cancer including those on the team that had cancer themselves. 


In 2017 Jim McIntosh and Barb O'Neill had a discussion about hosting their own event at the race track they called home, the Edmonton International Raceway in Wetaskiwin. In the winter of 2017 the idea for Chase The Cure was born. This event quickly became a passion for them.


August 18, 2018 was the decided date of the first annual Chase The Cure race. Planning for this race began in the winter and went on through the spring and summer all the way up to and included the event. The entire McIntosh Motorsports team including Kristy McIntosh, Terry Dowler, Dave McIntosh (and family) all put in countless hours to make this day a success all while continuing on with their daily lives. Over the 8 months of planning many drivers stepped up to the plate to collect money and silent auction items for this event. The drivers and crews from the other classes were instrumental in the days events and making it a success. The day included, 5 classes of racing, a silent auction and donation collections. The Silent auction received well over 50 items from various business's.  Chase The Cure raised just under $13,000 in our first year.

Volunteers were also a huge part of the success of the day.

Lynda Dryer, Wes Dryer, Melissa Ball and her team in the silent auction, Andrea and many others at the racetrack were amazing. Without them it would not have been as successful as it was.

In 2019 planning discussions this group wanted to do more, not just raise money but put smiles on faces that are struggling for one reason or another without asking people to donate money. We wanted to do some volunteering while showing people what racing was about. It is not always about raising money to help others, sometimes it is also about giving a little bit of yourself to make others happy. Smiles can be the best medicine one can get.


In January Chase The Cure was asked to be the puck drop honouree's for the MLAC Bantom AA Pink on the Rink game. They were honoured to be asked and accepted greatfully they did one one request of the organizers. Chase The Cure is about cancer fighters, survivors and those we have lost. They requested to have Mr. Mike Redmond take the honours instead of themselves. Mike Redmond (who's story you can see on the Our Champions page) is the main spokesperson for Chase The Cure this year. Mike attended the game with the team and friends to do the ceremonial puck drop.

In February the team took 2 cars to the Tegler Youth Centre to give the kids there a fun experience. There were 5 drivers there to meet and greet the kids. see the news page for more on that day.

On March 12,2019 the team was at the Stollery Children's Hospital with other race teams to sign autographs and give goodies to the kids.

In April the team attended the Ronald McDonald House! What a visit it was. We took our grandchildren's race car there and had princess's and marvel characters for the kids to meet too. This house has gained a special place in our hearts. The families are real, the staff are angels and the volunteers are amazing. Watch for many great exciting things we do with the Ronald McDonald House.

The goal we have with all of the volunteer visits we do is to make kids, families and those in dealing with some of the hard times have a brighter day. While we grow Chase The Cure we will be having one event a month and will update our events page for everyone has we book them.

In 2019 we are proud to announce we will be holding our 2nd Annual Chase the Cure event on August 17th 2019 at the Edmonton International Raceway. All proceeds from this event will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

We race in honour of those who have fought and won, those who are fighting now and in memory of those we have lost. 

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present."


We Need Your Support Today!

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