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Magic Room List

Here is a sample list of items needed sent to us by the Staff at the Ronald McDonald House! (this is a limited list and we will accept any new toy donated)

Please remember these must be new toys not used toys. The children who receive these toys in some cases are immunocompromised therefore all toys must be new.

We certainly do appreciate any and all donations that come through our door for the magic room, but if you and your team are looking for a challenge or are curious of what we have lots or are short of, here is what we have come up with:

We would Love:

Items for newborns (especially 0-3 month olds) and preemie's such as:

  • swaddle blankets

  • pacifiers

  • engaging baby toys

  • rattles

  • etc

Items for teenagers such as

  • headphones

  • handheld game consoles

  • google mini's

  • instant cameras

  • wireless speakers

  • earbuds

  • letterboards​

Items that we are fortunate to already have an abundance of are:

  • stuffies

  • puzzles

  • board games

if you're looking for an EXTRA challenge, we are in real need of machine-washable children's costumes! In the basement we have a rack of costumes for the children to use as they please but we are required to wash them weekly... needless to say, many do not hold the test of weekly washings. For this reason, machine washable costumes are what we are looking for. That way, your guests donation can be enjoyed by all children in the house (or at the very least the children who fit ).

Thank you from the staff, volunteers and families of the Ronald McDonald House


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